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For more than twenty years brands have been the starting point of everything we do here at Fabrique. We’re convinced that a strong brand should be felt in everything you deliver, do and say. But how do you develop a strong brand? And how do you ensure that your brand is a source of inspiration for everyone who works with it?

Rebranding en visuele identiteit voor The Edinburgh International Festival

Personality, brand values and brand essence

A brand is made up of several layers: visible means on the surface, a tangible personality underneath, and finally an unquestionable core. Is your brand lacking in its commitment, or is it just plain out of date? Then we can start with a workshop, to give it a nudge in the right direction.

Depending on the size of your organisation and the type of challenge, we can tackle your request thoroughly or just take a quick and pragmatic approach. A brand guide can also take on any form: from an official book or PDF to an interactive online brand asset management environment.
We have already done this for numerous existing and new brands in fashion, heritage, start ups and more.

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When it’s clear what products and services you bring to society, who the target audience is and what your brand entails, it's time to give the brand a competitive positioning. On one hand, a good positioning determines to which category your product or service belongs. On the other hand, it creates a distinction that allows your offer to have its own place alongside the competition.
A clear positioning inspires starting points for communication, style and service. Take a look at our work for 9292 and Bever. Or read about The Edinburgh International Festival, which we dubbed The International. A repositioning with a focus on their international character, unique to their region.

Brand portfolio and brand architecture

When a company grows, its products or services become more comprehensive, successful and often more versatile. They start to develop their own style. Whether they realise it or not the company gains a place in the market, as a single brand with its own recognisable name. Fabrique can guide you in making choices about your brand portfolio. Do you want to centralise or decentralise? Want to go for an endorsement? What delivers the best customer experience?

Internal branding

A strong brand is mainly carried by employees. Thinking about adjusting your brand? Then you’ll want your colleagues to take it to heart fully. In a couple of quick interviews with your colleagues, we can pick up on the image of the brand and its values. Like we did for Fred de la Bretonière. Then you can also gain perspective about the kinds of internal consequences a branding adjustment can have. Together we watch how your new ambition can lead to new behaviours.

Fabrique is a design agency. We are designers. We conceive, design and create a wide range of products. Our hearts beat for good work. But for a design to succeed, clear direction is needed. And we can deliver that, too, which is why we call ourselves a strategic design agency. Starting with brand strategy.

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