Our services Mobile apps and websites

Our services Mobile apps and websites

Integral part of our lives.

At Fabrique we’ve been designing and creating all kinds of interactive media for years. What we referred to as ‘new media’ fifteen years ago, is not even news anymore. Apps and websites have become an integral part of our lives. In addition, digital media is now inseparable from doing business and building a brand.

Most advanced yet acceptable

Fabriquers believe in the balance between convention and innovation. “Users spend most of their time on other sites,” stated UX guru Jakob Nielsen. Because of this, we use solid design patterns so that most people will understand how it works.

At the same time the development of new services and techniques ensures exciting innovation. And topping that off is the need for brands to stand out!
Innovation allows websites and apps to become special. Balancing innovation and convention is an art. Most advanced yet acceptable, or MAYA. Take SmartOcto, for example; a social media dashboard that is wildly different from the competition, precisely because of its innovative usability.

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A complex playing field

Yesterday’s innovation is today’s common sense. In 2007 we created one of the first big responsive websites in the Netherlands, for Albert Heijn. Now responsiveness is the standard. And there are all manner of tools and solid grids for designers and developers.

Thanks to rapid developments, we’re faced with ever more new strategic and tactical dilemmas:

  • Develop one touchpoint quickly, or build an ecosystem immediately?
  • Touchscreen in the store, or focus on mobile?
  • Mobile web of native app?
  • Mobile-first design? Tablet-first? Or do we use a desktop as the basis?
  • Create content for people or for SEO?
  • Et cetera!

We’ll gladly assist you in making these choices. In fact, we enjoy the complexity they entail. Together we’ll work to find the best solution for you and your customers.

Time to market

The methods we use have become more versatile. We’ve been scrumming for years now on many projects… but not all. Depending on the circumstances, it may be wiser to use waterfall. Or a form that is somewhere in between. Are you looking to roll out in a short time period? Then our PressureCooker might work well for you. Go to the specific pages and read all about it!

Challenge reality

Digital design will continue to develop. Take smart watches, Fitbits and other connected devices that are well on the way. A new challenge is always just around the corner, both technically and in terms of UX. And we will always ask: why is a user going to use this? What’s the added value? How can we improve the lives of people with innovation? Our motto is Challenge Reality. That works both ways: on one hand, we don’t jump at the hype. We ask questions first. On the other hand, we work with our clients to create successful innovations that go on to help people and brands.

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