New management Fabrique.

Fabrique is being led by new management as of 1 January 2016. Erik van der Meer, Matthijs Klinkert en Pieter Jongerius have taken over the reins of our agency, and will chart our new course for the coming years. Former directors Jeroen van Erp, Gert Hans Berghuis and Paul Stork will continue to be involved in Fabrique, taking on partner and strategist roles.

Jan. 18, 2016

Erik van der Meer, Matthijs Klinkert en Pieter Jongerius all graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, and they have long been associated with Fabrique. Pieter Jongerius now oversees strategy and product. Matthijs Klinkert directs the commercial strategy. Erik van der Meer will keep a sharp focus on the business.

This change in management builds on the direction that we set for our agency last year. Pieter Jongerius: “At Fabrique we are designers at heart. We're going to create impact by driving broader efforts. In new forms of cooperation, but also with additional expertise and ambition. Soon we’ll make this new strategy known.” A new strategy demands courage, according to Jongerius. “We always look for clients who want to take the lead, those who dare to forge new paths. This is what we’ll focus on more in the coming years.”

Jeroen van Erp, the founder of Fabrique, sees a logical step towards the future: “We have always put our goals above the means. It's in our DNA. We design convenience, wonder, meaning and behaviour. I’m convinced that Peter, Matthew and Eric will do an outstanding job in developing that.”

Gert-Hans Berghuis and Paul Stork will operate as innovation strategists, and will also be involved in new collaborations. Gert-Hans Berghuis: “We have been working on this for a while now. The agency is doing well, and we have fantastic projects both at home and abroad. Good timing for this new direction.”

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