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How Fabrique works hackathons

Big thinking while the clock is ticking.

A creative race against time.

A hackathon is an event in which a team of designers, developers, project leaders and strategists come together to solve a problem in a short time. In only 24 or 48 hours, a number of different teams work their socks off to reach a creative and innovative solution. The best solution wins.


Free thinking and fresh ideas.

Having to come up with a solution for a complex problem within a short space of time forces people to take on an approach that is solution and goal oriented. And leads to a creative result. Because you don’t let anything get in the way, you don’t worry about a certain status quo or the difficult history of the previous project. You can let your thinking be free and take a fresh approach. That means lots of energy and great ideas.

Hack the Planet + gemeente Den Haag

How can you help socially isolated elderly people?

Together with Q42 Fabrique participated in a hackathon called Hack the Planet, organised by the municipality of The Hague. The Hague asked hackers and designers to develop a service that could improve the quality of life for the elderly. Hack the Planet came up with Elders, a shared experience. Virtual reality for the elderly.

Like Button Facebook.

Thumbs up

Hackathons have been standard fare in Silicon Valley for years. Did you know that Facebook’s like button was invented during a hackathon? Well, there you go. Netflix and Google are also big fans of the method.

Challenge reality.


BRIQUE creative conference: a new view of reality, was the result of our own hackathon in 2017. Just like this Trump robot.

Clear agreements and experts are crucial.

It is important to set clear goals beforehand. Coming up with helpful advice in such a short time has to be feasible. Otherwise you will end up with a lot of ideas but none of them will be realistic, and the hackathon will have missed its purpose. That’s why it is also important to have experts that can give plenty of context to the teams. Context that you need to get into the heads of your target audience fast.

Why is it called a “hackathon”?

Contrary to what you might think, a hackathon has nothing to do with hacking computers. It comes from a different meaning of the verb “to hack”, namely: to use a concept or product in a way that it was not originally meant to be used. To find a new solution for an existing problem in a creative way.

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