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How Fabrique works Design research

Curiosity in action.

We search out the users.

Design research goes hand in hand with curiosity. Curiosity to get to know your users better; their intentions, expectations, concerns, interests, and the contexts in which they operate. That’s why we search out the users. In their natural habitat.


Touchpoints and processes.

As designers we’re naturally empathetic: we can empathise with the user. But in environments such as hospitals, airports, schools, concert halls, stations, and museums, any number of unexpected environmental factors can play a role. Then it’s fairly impossible to design a good product or service, without first researching and mapping out the context. When it comes to service design, understanding touchpoints and processes is crucial. And for realising successful innovations, design research is essential.

Fabrique + SmartOcto

Undercover for SmartOcto

For SmartOcto, a tool for editors, we went 'undercover' and tailed web editors to discover their context.

Fabrique + De Key

Interviews for De Key

For housing association De Key we mapped 450 different repair requests by holding interviews with customer service, repair and administrative staff.

Fabrique + GVB

Realistic mockups for GVB

While developing the new GVB ticket vending machines, we performed research during every phase: explorative - we observed the context and how the current machines were being used - and later, validating; from the first cardboard creations to realistic mockups in the stations.

Fabrique + Albert Heijn

Usability research for Allerhande

For the Allerhande Cooking app we carried out usability tests after every few Scrum sprints. We continue to iterate so that we can continually test and improve the output.

Research during the whole process.

We prefer to weave design research into the entire process. Something that also fits nicely into the lean approach that we use so often. In the initial phase, research is still very exploratory. Who is this actually about? What’s the biggest problem that we’re trying to solve? What comes to mind when someone thinks about a particular brand or product? With what intentions, doubts and concerns will someone use the thing we are going to develop? Where will they use it? How will the environment influence the experience? How is the current solution being used?

Don’t take our word for it.

Doing research yourself is fun, informative and fast. Not to mention essential to satisfy your curiosity. Still, there are times when we let a specialised agency take over, or help us out. The latter is ideal; seeing the context and speaking to the users ourselves, but also involving an objective specialist. Partners that we enjoy working with include Ruigrok Netpanel, Valsplat and Frankly, Green + Webb.

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