Get to know us

Get to know us

We are a strategic design agency.

We believe in the innovative power of design. Design as a power to change and to improve things, to create an impact. Not only to make things attractive or useful.

We design change.

Together with our clients we create things that we – or the world – didn’t think were possible. For example, curating our own collection in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, or putting city marketing on the map in India.

We design change. Ask questions. Don’t take anything for granted. Push boundaries. Together. That’s Fabrique at its best.

The power of imagination.
In all its aspects.

The better we understand the world, the more impact we can create. Through our knowledge and experience we know how to influence behaviour and how to help our clients. But without imagination we would still be empty-handed. For this reason, we always make sure that we not only understand the world, but actually enrich it with well-designed services and products.

We love to sink our teeth into a problem. We believe in the power of design, and we’re keen on celebrating our successes!

What do we create?
Everything you need to make an impact.

Recognition, surprise, engagement and return on investment. Whatever the target, we will design and build whatever is necessary to achieve it. Websites, apps, hardware and software combinations, corporate identity guidelines, training programmes, you name it. What do we create? Anything you need to make an impact!

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