The power of design

Designers and engineers. Storytellers and strategists. Fabrique is a strategic digital agency. Together with our customers, we create exceptional experiences, change and results.

How we work

We always ask why

We really think about what we do. What do we want to achieve? Is this the best way? From strategy and method to design and development. The better we understand your world, the more impact we can create.

We don't work for you, we work with you

For us, creating is a mission. A way of life. Not just a job. We want to make a more beautiful, better world, one design at a time. And so we collaborate. Really collaborate. Your team is our team. We don't work for you, we work with you.

Digital never stands alone

We see every digital touchpoint as part of a greater whole. A customer journey. Above the line communication, personal contact, an underlying organization, social responsibility. All of this is important to us and part of our work. The end result is an interaction that is truly an experience.

Brands we are proud of

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Awards and recognitions

The Webby's

Red Dot Design

European Design

iF Design

Dutch Design


Dutch Interactive

The Lovies

Gold European Design Award voor Rijksmuseum app

Fabrique Strategic Digital Design

Our studios in Amsterdam and Rotterdam house 90 Fabriquers who work with national and international brands from different sectors, such as retail, finance, museums and B2B. We create strategic digital design and development for innovative projects. We provide strategy and consultancy in the areas of service design, digital transformation, branding and visual identity. Would you like to know more? Read about our services and methods, or take a look at our portfolio.