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Unique autonomous identity.

MUAC is a Mexican museum for contemporary art. The museum is situated on the campus of the UNAM, the largest university in Latin America. Due to the unique autonomous status of this campus MUAC can propose and present projects that would not be possible in other museums in Mexico.


Develop a distinctive identity to acquire international status among other leading museums for contemporary art.


MUAC’s broadened space was the starting point for their new visual identity. Space to educate, create and debate. Space that shows cultural pluriformity. Visitors of MUAC are encouraged to freely wonder in this open space to actively explore its diverse contents: “You can feel love and hate in one visit to MUAC, it is fine if you leave with questions and curiosity.”

At the heart of the new identity is a universal grid distilled from the MUAC building. Within this strict grid there is total freedom. The ‘A’ (that stands for ‘Art’) in the logo can be constructed in endless variation. All the means we created (wayfinding icons, posters, book covers and the website) are based on the same freedom within the space of the grid: challenging, never static, always dynamic.

We chose Jungka as the main typeface. This font was set up by Jung-Lee and Karel Martens, two designers from different cultures with different ideas. Junka is cultural diversity captured in a font. Colors can be freely chosen from a spectrum based on 3 subtractive colors and black & white. In the image concept a grid is used to select a detail of an image.


Like MUAC. Always accessible, not always understandable.

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