Cases ‘Dare to Think’ at Ghent University.

‘Dare to Think’ at Ghent University.

From the website to the trucking fleet, and from business cards to meters-high building signage. For three years, we have worked on the new corporate identity of Ghent University. Together we developed a ground-breaking visual identity that embodies the motto ‘Dare to Think’.

A recognisable face.

With the new identity, we went back to basics. But carefully, so as not to compromise the visual heritage of the 200-year-old university. We kept the colours yellow and blue and the image of the lecture theatre.

Challenging and stimulating.

Ghent University encourages students to think outside the box. We used their motto ‘Dare to Think’ as the starting point of the identity.

The characteristic illustrations of Noma Bar and Aad Goudappel challenge the mind and get the visitor thinking. Arjan Benning’s quirky photography stimulates the imagination.

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One powerful family.

Ghent University consists of many departments. Those components always communicated using their own identity. We developed a clear brand strategy and identity to give the university a strong position.

Each of the 11 faculties got their own icon and colour, whilst they clearly form one visual family. All other parts of the university communicate out of the mother brand.

From business cards to the trucking fleet.

We really included everything when it came to implementing the identity. Logo sets, fonts, banners, student cards, signage, stationery, business cards, website, social media, brochures, videos, merchandise, the welcome kit…even the trucks.

Impacting the face of Ghent.

At the opening of the academic year 2016/2017, they hoisted the flag with the new Ghent University logo. The result of this extensive project not only affected the face of the university, but also the cityscape of Ghent.


Portret van Clara Kerkstra



Concept / Visual design

Portret van Frank van Leeuwen


van Leeuwen

Project manager

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