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Cases Snellerpoort Residential District

Snellerpoort is a new residential district in the municipality of Woerden. Fabrique developed a concept for the district.


How can a district distinguish itself from other newbuild districts? And how does a lively and secure place come into being on the basis of this own identity?


'Urban energy in a green valley'. We approach the process in an unconventional manner. We formulated the core values of the district on the basis of trends and developments, and the expectations of potential residents. In our vision, Snellerpoort becomes an idiosyncratic district which invites engagement and optimises the living environment with a mix of living and working. The location of the railway line formed the inspiration for us for a characteristic element of the district: 'de Polaner', a 500m long building that not only serves as an acoustic barrier but also 'embraces' the district, creating its own 'green heart' inside the urban environment.


An inspiration book with a sustainable vision of a district with guts and character. A vision which forms a solid basis for further plans of project developers, urban planners and architects. In order to guarantee the quality of this long-term project, we will remain part of the 'Quality Team' until completion.


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