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Cases Intuitive tooling allows Swapfiets to grow.

Intuitive tooling allows Swapfiets to grow.

Swapfiets. The company behind the successful subscription concept with which customers pay a monthly fee for a bike that always works. The company once began as a small startup, but nowadays it operates in several cities and countries. And that's why it was time to professionalize. The back office needed to be improved so it was equipped to deal with the current growth, and Swapfiets asked us to join them in looking at the process, in order to jointly redesign the system’s core processes.


Help us improve the user experience and user interface of our back office system, which will in turn improve the process for our swappers, planners and bicycle repairers.


We started the project with a discovery phase. Together with Swapfiets we investigated the process and looked at it from the perspective of the customer, planner, swapper and bicycle repairer. We mapped all the steps to see where improvements were needed in the system. We found that the system was not intuitive or proactive. It did not help the end user to focus or to take the next step. In addition, the roles and types that were recorded in the process sometimes turned out to be too complex in the system. And we saw that the system wasn't always a representation of reality. In unexpected situations, problems were solved outside the system. The process representation was the starting point for the design of the interface. The different system components such as the scheduler, the bicycle repair dashboard and the swapper dashboard were redesigned in sprints.


A back office system that feels intuitive and works for the actual process. A new system that is easier and faster to work with for each target group.

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