Cases Virtual Reality against loneliness.

How do you snatch the elderly out of social isolation? The Hague Municipality asked a strict selection of hackers and designers to develop a service that could improve the quality of life for the elderly. Hack thePlanet (a collaboration between Q42 and Fabrique) came up with a shared Virtual Reality experience.

A vicious circle.

As people age, their social circle becomes smaller. Then they are more likely to stay home, landing them in a vicious circle of isolation. 

From Curaçao to Amsterdam.

The solution: Elders, a shared experience. Virtual Reality as the start of new relationships for the elderly. The many stimuli of a VR experience lead to discussions that go deeper than mere chit-chat about the weather. Imagine, you and your buddy can go back to the beach at Curaçao or stroll through the streets of Amsterdam as they were in the 70s.

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Participate together.

Via innovative technology, Hack the Planet was able to synchronise the experience and offer it onsite. Another added value of Elders is giving the elderly an intriguing reason to leave home and participate in this special VR experience at the local senior center.

Lower the barrier.

After EldersVR, Hack the Planet developed another VR concept for the elderly: Elders@Home. With Elders@Home, seniors can already taste the atmosphere of a nursing home or day center. Thus, we lower the real barrier.

Hackaton winner.

“Elders, a shared experience" took home the first prize at the Hackathon. Together with Hack the Planet we’re now in discussions with healthcare institutions and subsidy providers to further develop the service.

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