Schooltas ('School bag') is an initiative of ThiemeMeulenhoff, one of the top three publishers of education methods for primary and secondary education in Holland.

  • Awards and recognitions
  • Dutch Interactive Award
  • Comenius EduMedia Award
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Learning and improving together

The Schooltas app ensures that thousands of textbooks for primary and secondary education from ThiemeMeulenhoff are digitally accessible - and portable. Schooltas is a textbook, workbook and notebook all in one, which allows students to work completely via the iPad.

The book as a basis

Therefore we chose a familiar concept as starting point, in exactly the format as teachers know it; the book. And (literally!) on top of that, we added functionality, such as pins to add audio and video to share, and a notebook with notes and assignments.

Leading in education

Schooltas is an app that teachers are instantly familiar with. Which is available for iPad, Windows and as web app, and is still evolving. With now tens of thousand enthusiastic users and great ratings in the Appstore, Schooltas is leading in education in Holland.