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Cases A collection for the museum without a collection

A collection for the museum without a collection.

The Kunsthal Rotterdam has been a pioneer in the museum world since 1992, by offering an accessible and diverse exhibition program. Not having its own collection, the Kunsthal has developed an accessible way to attract a broad, fresh audience. In 2015 we developed the new Kunsthal website.


Help us take the next step into the digital world with a website befitting the character of the Kunsthal: surprising, inspiring and idiosyncratic.


The timeline on the homepage forms the core of the website. It shows not only what’s on now and in the future, but also offers a chronological overview of almost 25 years of remarkable exhibitions. Turns out, the 'museum without its own collection' does have a 'collection'.

With the help of clear-cut edges and striping the website design reflects the Kunsthal’s interior, and the architecture of Rem Koolhaas. Exhibition site pages boast a rich set up. Narrative pages give visitors a renewed perspective on artists, art movements and cultures near and far.

With special videos, social media integration and references to social issues, the website pages – like the Kunsthal itself – unite art, culture and society. Every page is then an exhibit in itself.


A surprising, dynamic website. visitors get to choose: jump to practical information, dive deep into an artist’s work or just meander through nearly 25 years of unique exhibits.

The new website won an iF Communication Design Award 2016.

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