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How much will my website cost?

There isn't one fixed answer on the question how much a website will cost.

You: “How much will it cost?” (agency scene #1)

Me: “Your new website? As much as a car.”
You: “What car?”
Me: “Anywhere between a Fiat Panda or an Audi S8 Plus. It depends.”
You: “Can you be more precise?”
Me: “Well, can you be?”

So we start talking about all requirements, user personas, technical limitations, content that is available, planning, peculiarities of the CEO, earlier failures, expertise you’d like to get inhouse, the program this is a part of and your next career move, so we can take everything into account and create a cost estimate.

Or you tell me about the impact you want to have, what that profit/publicity/quality of life is worth to you and we’ll manage the budget along the way.

I guess it depends whether you think the website is the end or the means to an end.

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